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My mother calls me Madeline, but she’s about the only one. I’ve lived in San Francisco for seven years and am proud to admit that I’ve built a pretty solid list of where to get a good cocktail (try the Comme Çi Comme Ça Corral at Villon for a drink to remember). At work, I’m the one who always says “good morning” to each person walking through the door, and the person whom my team can count on day or night. On the weekends you can find me hunting for the best estate sales (tip: head to Marin) or reading at my local neighborhood bookstore.

I have a knack for curating special moments to celebrate the people I love, and would pick IRL over URL any day. I survive on caffeine (black tea or a fancy cappuccino s.v.p.) and am devoted to learning more about wine. I value honesty, embracing your weird, and always putting in 110%. I also believe that every experience has an important learning lesson, and that it’s up to each of us to figure out what that may be and how to grow from it. Most of all, I value collaborating with inventive people on work that inspires, excites, and emboldens.



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A California girl with a rock-and-roll Parisian flair, get to know me even better by checking out my favorite playlist.


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As a visual person with a fair amount of sass, mood boards are totally my thing. Here’s whats inspiring me.